October 8th, 2002

self portrait

Slowly working

The work load this evening is light at work. There was some stuff to do over the weekend, but most of it was due this morning, so nothing new has come in to keep us busy. Did the training exercise I had a week to complete in an hour.

I'm running a little slow today because I think I'm coming down with a cold. Slept well Sunday night. Got up about 2:00 Monday afternoon. Puttered a bit and coordinated going to the games with Fitz and Bob on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then slept some more, had a bite to eat and watched some TV.

Got in the latest episode of Monk (recent episodes of which have the annoying pattern of showing you who did the crime before Monk starts working on it), an episode of SG-1 and the Angel premiere. Then crashed on the couch in the middle of another SG-1 episode.

Awoke in plenty of time to get to work but have been sniffly all night and feeling feverish off and on. Drinking lots of water, which seems to be helping.

Have a dentist appointment in the morning that I've missed the last two times it was schedule. Glad they've been so flexible. I'll be taking off a little early to get to downtown Minneapolis in time for it.
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