October 7th, 2002

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Whooping, helping, sleeping

Watched the Twins defeat the A's to move on to the American League Championship Series yesterday. A good game by both clubs and much more representative of their play than some of the first four games had been. It was great to watch the Twins hang on to a 2-1 lead for most of the game and to watch the A's valiantly battle off every opportunity the Twins had to extend that lead.

Until the top of the 9th. A. J. Pierzynski (who is rapidly becoming my favorite player) hits a two-run homer to put the Twins up 4-1. Then David Ortiz doubles to score Christian Guzman and it's 5-1. Twins fans everywhere (or at least in my living room) felt they had it now. One more inning and we're on our way.

Then Eddie Guardado comes in. The lead-off hitter reaches, a fielder's choice gets one out. A double puts men on 2nd and third. It's starting to feel dicey. If Eddie can get one more out, even if a run scores, it'll all be O.K. But Ellis hits a three-run homer. Now it's a one-run ball game. My stomach goes all tight, will they be able to pull it off? Will there be extra innings?

Well, they did pull if off, of course. A fly to center, a single and a pop out into foul territory and the celebration was on!

Then I went over and helped daedala with some organizing. Alphabetized her cookbooks then did data entry for her book collection database. Took out the trash so that she wouldn't have to get dressed. Er... Not that she was undressed. Unless you count naked feet. Which some do. Which I'm not saying is a bad thing. Which isn't to say that I'm attracted to Rachael's feet. Not that there's anything wrong with her feet!

I think I'll quit while I'm ahead....

Came home and slept the night. Unusual for third-shifty me, but all these baseball games in the daytime have had my schedule completely out of whack. I'm off to bed again shortly, though I probably won't need to sleep as long today, we'll see how it goes.

Then the process of finding someone to go to the games tomorrow and Wednesday with.
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