September 27th, 2002

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"Peter's quality of work is exceptional for the amount of time he has been typesetting. He is an asset to our team and to the C2 team. He caught on quickly to the job and has been advancing steadily and picks up new information and applies it quickly. Peter seeks out work and always displays a positive attitude.

"Peter produces a great amount of work for his amount of time as a typesetter. He asks for more work when he has completed an assignment. He has steadily and quickly improved in the past year.

"Peter rarely has a job go late. He does need to pay more attention to due times. There have been a few times where a job was at risk because he wasn't aware of the due time or mistook one jobs [sic] due time for another. He is a diligent worker and checks with his lead for work regularly.

"Peter does not have any trouble changing to higher work priorities. He actively supports changes in the work environment. Peter has willingly worked his assigned weekends and OT during peaks. He has been willing to change his schedule to meet staffing needs. He supports change and welcomes it.

"Peter does what it takes to satisfy the needs of customer service. He is good at communicating with them when he has questions with jobs and reacts quickly. Peter has no trouble talking to customer service on the phone and he also passes on any pertinant [sic] information to his lead.

"Peter is very even-tempered and handles situations in a mature fashion. He considers different points of view and is able to receive feedback in an appropriate manner. Peter asks questions when he has them and has proved to have good problem solving skills. Peter gets along well with his peers and handles situations directly.

"Peter has good problem solving abilities. He asks for help in a timely manner and volunteers for work. He is very eager to learn and is often self taught. Peter has exhibited that he needs minimal supervision and leads by example. Peter has no trouble learning new things and is anxious to take on new things.

"Peter is able to generate new and innovative ways of doing things. He takes appropriate risks and continually tries to find new processes that would expedite work. He approaches situations with an open mind and is a quick learner.

"Peter practices safe work habits. [From the section on work safety that is probably a relic from the press operation part of the business.]

"Peter is very good at anticipating and responding to trouble or problems with a job. He is able to identify areas for improvement and control the job through the entire process. He communicates with his lead if there is a job in trouble and is able to estimate if a job is going to go late. He logically gathers information and applies it. He uses good judgment.

"Peter gets along well with his peers. He follows team procedures and is willing and able to help his peers. Peter supports decisions that are made and adds his own suggestions. Peter demonstrates a positive attitude and is a positive addition to the team.

"Peter quickly worked thorough all his initial typesetting exercises and applied all the information without any trouble. He learned toolbox quickly from a teammate and was able to apply it. He accepts responsibility for his own learning and takes initiative for personal growth. He understands what he learns and is able to apply it.

"Peter maintains respect for others' space and time. He respects his peers and listens to their input. Peter uses appropriate language for the workplace. He is readily accessible to his teammates when they need help or have questions. He is very patient when helping a newer typesetter.

"Peter presents ideas and opinions and has good ideas. He listens and reacts to the needs of customer service or his peers. He understands other points of view and is willing to give input if he feels it would be beneficial. Peter needs to be better about letting his lead know the exact location of his jobs. He does well if his job is finished but needs to keep lead informed when jobs are in proofreading or being prepared for QC.

"Peter has had some challenges with his attendance and communication of time off. Peter needs to understand that his attendance is important in his position. [My trip to Winnipeg was on short notice. For my vacation to Seattle, I asked for the wrong days off. My fault in both circumstances.]

"Peter's punctuality has improved in the last few months. He needs to stay conscious of this and communicate any adjustment needs prior to being late." [I'm frequently a few minutes late. On the other hand, I get spoken to about punching in too early when I end up staying late to complete work and end up running into overtime. These probably aren't as connected as they seem in my head; punctuality for management means having assets where they need them when they need them, while for me it means showing up to work on time, where "on time" is a measure of being able to complete the assigned work by the due time. My being a few minutes late stresses them out so they want to do everything to discourage that.]

Overall, I'd say an excellent review. But then, I rock and am quite over-qualified for this job. The only real disappointment is that work has been so slow that finances are tight so I'm only getting a teeny raise.
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