August 23rd, 2002

self portrait

The old grind

Took yesterday off work. Started watching the Twins game and woke up with a headache and sinus congestion. I'm guessing I kicked up extra dust while on the cleaning binge and sucked in some nasties my immune system was busy kicking the crap out of. So I took some Tylenol and called in sick. About two hours later I was feeling fine and thinking I should maybe go in and work so that I could get the hours in. I decided to sleep instead and got to bed about 5:30 a.m. (FTR, that would be about 2 hours early.)

So I had an early start on the bathroom project today. There's still too much mess in the kitchen and dining room from the exploits over the last few days but I'll work on that when I get off work while Ericka is sleeping. Hopefully will get things squared away without too much effort.

Work today had a busy little start but we've now caught up to the work so things are slow again. It's into the old cycle of waiting for a proofreader to get through a file and then having three people pounce on it, hungry for something to do.

The Fair starting today throws a bit of a wrench into things here at work. I just got handed an employee parking permit. While biking to work will make things fairly easy for me, there's the Twins games next week that will make driving a better proposition in many cases. So there'll be a bit of extra traffic while cycling (though I go to work after most of it is done and go home before most starts) and a few nights of driving weirdness. I'm sure I'll survive.
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