August 22nd, 2002

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On to the bahtroom!

Got help yesterday in clearing out the basement bedroom. Now to make plans for what to do with the room. I intend it to be a "me" space but I've never had a space all my own before. Even when my brother left for college our room wasn't really "mine." It still had his bed in it. The dresser/desk/shelves we'd had all our lives. Nothing that was just mine.

One thing I'd like would be to put tatami mats on the floor. From the research I've done, however, it looks like true tatami cannot be imported into this country from Japan for some obscure reason. So I may start looking for an acceptable substitute that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Today, however, I tackle the bathroom. General clean-out and clean-up. Then there'll be the process of re-organizing the contents. One thing I'd like to do is limit the stuff on the floor. The entire bathroom is basically a shower so things on the floor just prevent the water from going where it's supposed to. Getting stuff up will help keep things clean.

Hopefully won't take all day.
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self portrait


Finished with the bathroom cleaning/organizing. Things are now clean and clear. Stuff in the bathroom appears to be things that are used on a daily basis. A few extra towels because those don't have much other place to be stored and could need to be accessed quickly. Storage for extra rolls of toilet paper.

Cleaning stuff and bulk containers of soap, conditioner, shampoo are now stored in the linen closet across the hall. They are taking the place previously occupied by some household tools. Those have been sent on to the garage, which makes more sense for them anyway.

A few odds and ends need putting away yet but the big work is done and I'm happy with the results.
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