August 21st, 2002

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Well, this'll suck

Got to work and there were a total of five jobs to be done before noon tomorrow. There are 11 typesetters on this shift. The math is left as an exercise for the reader.

So it's not even 1:00 a.m. and there's nothing to do. Might be some work coming in later, but our lead will likely cut people loose early. I wouldn't mind toughing it out because I need the hours. (Have I mentioned that I'm still not used to working for an hourly wage again?)

The upstairs fridge project is going well. The freezer shelves and baskets are probably dry by now so I'll be re-loading the freezer when I get home. (They were taking an inordinate time to dry after being washed and toweled off. Didn't want to load them back in and have them ice up.) I'll probably take on the fridge in the morning before going to bed. Then, tomorrow evening, I want to get after the basement bedroom
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Flurries likely

Combine relocating to various desks around the office and a slow night and we've been hit by a cleaning flurry. People are being asked to de-clutter their desks, putting reference material in boxes in the closet with their names on them and keeping a minimum of manuals actually on their desk. (Given that our manuals are on our intranet, I don't feel a need for any. I keep a quick cheat sheet for infrequent commands, but that's it.)
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Cleaning the fridge. Got everything done except the door shelves. Only had to toss a few things. A head of romaine that and some carrots that had been there too long. Half an onion. A half can of condensed milk that was picketing for humanitarian aid.

Have to go through Ericka's insulin and see what of it has expired. Then the great condiment inspection will begin.

But now I'm going to have a bit of a break.
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