July 27th, 2002

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Busy night, forthcoming fun

Wow, things can come down quick here at work. Pretty much all week we've been terminally slow. Tonight, I've been working straight through since getting here. Hadn't even noticed the time had rolled on to 4:30 when I was finished with the last bit of stuff I was working on. Decided to check in here and with email for a bit before jumping back in.

I do fairly well with heads-down coding when I have few distractions. The tunes in my headphones do a good job of keeping the distractions down. Also, having a good handle on what I'm doing helps. I don't have to break out to look up material or ask for help much anymore. Still not what I want to do for the next 10 years, but it feels good to be competent.

Saturday evening I'm going to go to the Twins game at the Metrodome. A co-worker told me the final of Friday's game when I came in. I hadn't the heart to tell her I'd planned on watching the end of the game on my Tivo when I got home in the morning. Still, knowing the effort the Twins put in, it will be fun to watch.

Hoping to get a cap in the promotion that they're having tomorrow night. Means I'll have to plan on having dinner at the game, which will be kinda fun. Would be nicer if it was outdoors of course, but still, a hot dog, a beer, and a ball-game; what could be better?

I splurged on myself and bought a lower-deck seat near home plate. Wednesday I'm going to go to another game with a buddy and got seats in the upper deck right behind home plate. Should be good watching both games. Toronto is in town this weekend and the White Sox come into town on Tuesday. Neither club is doing very well overall, but both have been OK since the All-Star break. Hopefully be fun games.
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Twins win!

Very fun game today. Twins broke out to a four-run lead early and pitching was keeping things well in hand. Eventually, Toronto tied the game but the Twins bull pen took the game into extra innings.

In the bottom of the 10th I stared with wonderment as the Blue Jays intentionally walked Christian Guzman with Bobby Kielty on second and one out, bringing power-hitter Corey Koskie to the plate. In line with my intuition, Koskie hit a hard liner to deep center, scoring Kielty to win the game.

I'd heard too late that laurel was going to be there so I was on the opposite side of the field rather than sharing the game with friends. Still, the large crowd (biggest regular season crowd I'd seen) made the game fun to watch even among strangers.

Turns out I goofed up and have tickets to Tuesday's game, rather than Wednesday's. Well, I'll have to see if my friend can still make it. If not I'm sure I can find someone to come with me one way or another.
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