July 25th, 2002

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Another wet ride

Rode in to work today. I admit, part of choosing to ride through the heavier rain was to show the folks at work that I would do it. Largely, though, it was to show myself how dedicated I am to this new form of transportation. The idea is to save enough in gas and insurance to make up for the cost of the bike. Don't know if it'll be this year, but certainly by next year. At least I didn't try to get down to Kieran's for the Irish session before work. That would have added a few more miles to the ride.

As it was, I took the ride a lot slower. Swathed in rain gear, I saw no need to work at building up a sweat and figured that slower meant easier to stop if necessary. I also claimed more of the road than I typically do. There are two lanes for traffic for most of my route and so cars weren't unduly put out by me taking half the right-most lane and I didn't have to ride through nearly as much deeper water. At one point, the rain grew heavy enough that I could feel it hitting me through the rain gear so I pulled into an office's overhang to sit out the heaviest of it. Just a couple of minutes made the last half of the ride much more pleasant. I also took the liberty of bringing my bike inside rather than parking it out in the rain. A wet seat on the ride home would be a bit much, I think.

Things learned:
  • The rain gear does a wonderful job.
  • On days I expect rain, I should use Baggie-con packing methods to keep everything dry (as opposed to "mostly dry") in the rack trunk.
  • Those dry things should include an extra pair of socks.
  • The visor on my helmet does a decent job of keeping the rain off my glasses.

We'll see if the rain keeps up until morning but I feel quite well prepared for the ride back. My feet will be wet, unfortunately, but with the prospect of warm, dry socks at the end, I think I'll persevere.
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