July 11th, 2002

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Last-minute fidgets

I'm so excited about the upcoming Winnipeg trip. Bummed my friend, Laurel won't be riding up with me and that she can't attend this year. (Feel better, Laurel.) But still on a bit of an adrenaline rush about the whole thing. All the old-timers I've talked to who aren't going seem nostalgic and excited for me to be going my first time.

Things to do before hitting the road:

  • Take bike rack off car.
  • Get a serial cable to connect borrowed modem to computer.
  • Attempt to get Tivo to talk to modem and make its daily call.
  • Arrange selected materials in backpack.
  • Load up car.
  • Top off fluids.
  • Pick up ticket and glow-wire

I think I have everything I plan on needing. Ericka even went through her "worry list" for me (those things she thinks I'll need and shouldn't forget) and I had all of those. I'm quite confident I'll be Just Fine but should disaster strike there will be plenty of resourceful friends about to assist. (Love that about fandom.)

I'll let them know at work that I'm willing to leave early today as we don't seem too busy. Might have enough to keep us all going for eight hours though so I'm hoping my departure tomorrow is not too late. (The major time sink will be the Tivo hack. Perhaps I can pawn that off on a friend that is coming to visit Ericka on Saturday....hmmmm.)
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    Saving the iPod battery for the trip!
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I like my state....

In planning for the trip up to Winnipeg, I figured I might as well get the skinny on where the speed limits change. (Now that they're not 55 all over I gets confused.)

So I found this, about the spiffiest thing of its kind among the results from my google search.
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    The Minnesota Anthem...if we had one....
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Whoops....well, that'll leave the Tivo hack out of things. Better get packin'!
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    New York Girls-Gaelic Storm-Tree