July 9th, 2002

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Monday commute

I think I'm doing quite well with this biking in thing. This evening's ride was significantly easier in many spots and the uphills were not as bad as they'd been otherwise. Don't know if I'm getting better at managing gearing for the route or if dormant muscles are waking up or what. I'm happy, though, that I got to work in plenty of time, took a couple of minutes for a cool-down lap and was basically settled in and de-sweated in half an hour (the AC at work helps that).

Got the last of my biking stuff from REI via UPS today. Now have a spiffy, packable rain slicker and a packable towel to go with my rain pants. These items should also come in handy in Winnipeg this weekend. They are light, pack small, and fit over light layers. Combined with one of my Seattle Sombreros, they'll make perfect coping for sudden rainshowers I've been warned of.
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One hurdle

Just got approval from work to have Thursday and Friday off so the trip to Winnipeg is on, for real!

Next will be scheduling all the people who have expressed interest and willingness to help keep Ericka taken care of. I'll send some mail tonight and make some calls tomorrow.

Oh, yeah...and getting ahold of Chaz for the tickets. Better send that mail tonight as we'll likely have to get together tomorrow to make that happen.
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Another jump

Spent a chunk of the morning on the phone to various friends to get commitments nailed down to assist Ericka for while I'm gone. Got two of the six slots filled in and have a fall-back person for the other four if nothing else comes through tomorrow.

Tonight I'll start packing by choosing clothes for going. I've got several things in mind for layering so I'll be good there. What will be tough for me is finding things comfy enough for the long days in the sun. Have a good sun hat so that's nearly half the battle. I'm debating on whether to take along a cycling jersey or two. They do a good job of wicking the sweat off but I'm not sure how durable they'll be. Well, I've got plenty of other things to fill out my options.

Also probably set up the tent tonight before work to let it air out. Will also remind me of how to put it up. :) Got the makings for GORP so that'll go into bags tonight too.
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