June 12th, 2002

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Down and up, up, up

This day started early for me with a quick call to my friends Bruce and Karen to arrange a bike ride. Bruce and I decided to do something in the afternoon if the weather cooperated. Well, eight hours of sleep later and it had cooperated nicely. I called again and Karen begged off, citing at least four reasons, but still suggested Bruce and I do something. As I had just installed the bike carrier on my car we decided that I should come by and he'd show me their lake route.

It's a nice trail from Minnehaha creek up past the lakes in the middle of the Minneapolis city limits and back again for a round trip of 11.1 miles (according to Bruce's bike computer; of course Bruce has a bike computer, you doubted this?) which is nicely in the same range as my round-trips to work I've been warming up on for a few days. A much prettier ride, however, with fine, paved trails along the banks and coasts.

Back home after the ride and cool drink after and I had time for a quick shower before heading out to see the Tim Malloys record for their forthcoming album live at their regular Tuesday night gig.

It was a rollicking time, as I expected. A good crowd who were in a good mood and knew the band and their tunes well. (Though the cries of "Freebird!!" and the standard response of the band flipping the crier the bird and answering "No charge!" got a bit old after the third time.) They concentrated on "audience participation" songs, meaning there was much clapping along and shouting of appropriate responses.

I'm eager to hear what they come up with out of both this session and the one in a couple of weeks when the distill it into the mix of their next album. There were a few of those moments that only occur at live shows and won't transfer well to a simple sound recording, but overall, I think they hit a couple of really good, high-energy, rocking tunes in the mix.

Came back home and watched the DVD of Backdraft which arrived from NetFlix yesterday. A decent film, though I found it unfocused. I was impressed that the main leads were listed in the "Stunts" credits given the natural amount of fire in a film about firemen. It seemed to me that Ron Howard couldn't settle on a style of film he wanted to make. There were bits that looked like Scorcese, parts that looked like a documentary and everything from a character-driven detective thriller to a romantic comedy mixed into the whole.

And now it's lunchtime and I'm still awake. Still feeling up from the music, the tinnitis humming in my ears, a bit of adrenaline pumping from the film. Only the drubbing the Twins got at the hands of Atlanta this evening casts a small shadow on the evening.

Another lovely day finding is way into blissful sleep. A bit of juice to stave off any dehydration and/or vitamin deficiency and I'll be ready for bed. My dog is napping by my bed, waiting for me and the cat will curl up by my legs once I lie down. We'll snooze away the morning hours while Ericka goes off to the pool. Then it'll be up again and back to the daily grind.
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