June 6th, 2002

self portrait

Another day

Rode the bike on the route to work and back today. Got a bit tired on the way but the trek back was a breeze. Mostly long, low uphills to work, downhills back. The round trip of about 10 miles took me about 45 minutes all told, including a brief run through the parking lot of Midway Stadium to see if the cars there meant something was going on. It didn't.

Definitely something wrong with my saddle. Even with the new bike shorts (and their extra padding) my groin was sore after this ride. So I lowered the saddle height and we'll give it another try tomorrow.

Have to remember to call my friends Karen and Bruce for a ride one of these days soon.

At the session at Kieran's I had short fun. Caught the Twins game (a 6-4 loss, but a generally good game) before heading down, so I didn't get there until 10:30. Only about an hour to play before I had to head to work. Met a new bodhran player who needs to work on his rhythm a bit but can basically keep time. They fed us some nice curried chicken pie. Mostly veggies with some chicken in a tasty (though I would have liked stronger) curry topped with a puff-pastry shell.
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