June 4th, 2002

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Shopping, BASEBALL!! and sundry

Decided to outfit myself in cycling clothes this afternoon once I'd gotten up. A couple of outings in jeans and t-shirts and I've quickly discovered that this isn't nearly as comfortable as it was when I was 18 and making quick runs from dorm to class. I am also planning on tweaking my saddle a bit, it feels like it's leaning back a bit.

So I went off to REI to pick up a couple of outfits. Ericka was, of course, incredulous as she feels its her duty to make such things for me. I'm more than happy to have her do so, but didn't expect that she'd knock out anything by the weekend. I found a couple pairs of bike shorts I liked and that I think will work well in the warm weather we should have regularly any day now. These are more "normal" looking shorts with pockets and everything; I don't think I'm quite the "bike shorts" kind of guy. I also found a couple of jerseys that I liked and I think will work well. One has a bright yellow and blue sun pattern on it that I really liked. Ericka liked it too but was shocked that I'd picked it out.

I'll admit to most of my wardrobe being in shades of black and blue with the occasional green thrown in here and there. But I have several bright red things (red being the guy color that runs from pink to fuschia) I'm fond of and I often like the autumny colors of things I get for presents and such.

The worst part about the shopping was, of course, the paying for things. At $60-75 a pop, even just a couple of outfits sets you back a pretty penny. Toss in some rain gear and odds and ends and it adds up pretty quick. Well, all the better incentive for Ericka making me things. I'm sure she'll come up with some great fabrics and prints for me, too.

Well, I'll see about trying out one of the new bike outfits tomorrow. Next I'll have to look at panniers. I'm thinking of finding something that will work well for carrying some groceries home. Tool over to a co-op or the Farmer's Market and pick up some fresh veggies and such for meals over the summer. Get exercise and good-for-me stuff to boot!

After shopping, I settled in early to watch the Twins game this evening. Usually I don't start watching until at least half an hour after the game starts as I like to Tivo-zip past the commercials and trips to the mound and such. Good thing I did as I started recording on the local Fox Sports Net feed only to find that it wasn't showing; probably a blackout thing. I quickly switched to the local affiliate showing the game and got into it about 2/3 through the first inning.

The Twins had their starting lineup available to them for the first time since early April when their starting 2nd baseman had a wrist bone broken after being hit by a pitch. I guess everyone was pretty excited about getting him back because they started hitting really well. I had to take a couple of "futz around while the commercials are paused so I zip past them later" breaks during the first few innings. I planned on leaving about 9 p.m. to catch local Irish band The Tim Malloys before heading to work. So I was quite happy to go off after the 5th inning when the Twins had a 9-2 lead over the Cleveland Indians.

When I got into work, I figured I'd check in on the game before watching the rest of it tomorrow. I mean, if the Twins had blown their big lead and lost the game maybe I wouldn't watch and get all riled up. A quick check of my friends list and I see my friend Laurel exclaiming about the Twins being up 23-2 in the 7th inning. I quickly follow her link over to ESPN.com and find that was the final score! Ties the best win and worst loss for both clubs. The seventh was the most hits in a single inning in the Twins' 42-year history. During that inning they batted around before getting the first out!

I've been thinking for a while that I need to get out to a ball game this year. Now I'm more jazzed than ever. I've been thinking that, working 3rd shift, I'd be in a good position to go to a lot of games; maybe season tickets wouldn't be completely out of line. I have no idea what such things cost, but it's worth looking at picking up at least a multi-game package going into the second half of the season.
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