May 15th, 2002

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Downhill side

Well, tomorrow is the filing deadline for corporation's quarterly reports to the SEC. Things here at work have, therefore, been crazy for the last few days. People working over the weekend. Lots of work to be done during regular work hours. Long days (10-12 hours) mandatory for all regular workers.

Feels like we've weathered the storm now and things are slowing down a bit. I spent a big chunk of my early evening processing "read-backs;" that is, the files we send back to our customer to show them what they filed. (Such files are in our final format so that if they need to make corrections to their filing they can do so starting with our file.) This is a good sign that most of the filing is done. A few "proof 1s" (new work coming in for the first cycle of conversions) found their way in after our deadline and I assume these will file late.

My iPod has been a constant companion to these last few days at work. It's amazing how much having a constant source of up-beat music can increase my productivity. I noticed that when I'm really jamming that it's a good time to give me some typing to do. I get kinda zoned out and just let my fingers do what they know my eyes are seeing. Much faster with surprisingly fewer errors compared to when I'm usually doing this kind of work. I'll have to talk to Singer about the NLP connotations to such things. (I'm sure he'll have a theory. ;) I've also ripped a CD of an hour of rainshower noises from Hawaii and now listen to it on the iPod when I'm sleeping on a continuous loop. Much more freedom than sleeping with the boom box; and besides there's more room for the dog, cat or other bed partners.

With this bit of work out of the way, I should settle down and finally get that ms. I'm supposed to be editing finished. I need to get a routine for such set up; work on it every day before or after work. Should also work out a way to get in some exercise and socialization. I'm missing the regular Saturday volleyball game with my gaming friends (as I'm asleep during the 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. time it typically runs) so I don't get to see those folks or work up a sweat these days. I'm planning on getting a bike for commuting to work during the summer so that'll help in that respect. Maybe I'll have to throw some parties to make sure I have the chance to see the friends I want to keep up with.
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