May 8th, 2002

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Cool weather, sleepy days, long nights

What an odd day. Cool and rainy for most of the day; supposed to snow up in NW Minnesota tonight though we'll only be getting rain here in the Twin Cities. I think the cool weather contributed to my sleeping most of the day today. Didn't get to sleep right away when I got home but was in bed by 10:00 a.m. and slep through until 9:00 p.m. I've always liked sleeping where it is a little cooler; snuggling down in warm blankets and breathing in the cool air around me. I also had quite a lot of rather vivid dreams involving everything from the shoelaces I need to replace soon to a double-date with my brother, a car break-down and a visit from my parents. Somehow, it all tied together in my little brain.

As my habit lately is to strap on headphones to help block out busy house noises (like dogs barking and phones ringing) I had the oddness of going to sleep to the sounds of Tibetan monks chanting and waking up to classical music on MPR. It seems my cat has learned to switch the boombox from CD to radio and also enjoys opening the cover to the CD player. I'm thinking this might have had something to do with the dreams as well. At one point, in the dream, the Tivo in my bedroom wouldn't work correctly so there was just static on the TV. Then, after frustrated futzing with it, it began to work again. (Not that there is a Tivo, much less a TV in my bedroom, but the dream had them there.)

And now I'm at work. While last night was pretty busy (witness no update here) today is quite slow. No work to be done. A trickle of work comes in here or there, gets pounced upon by the co-workers and I and heads out the door quickly. Then it's back to browsing the web (and finding amusing things like Raging Hormones Menopausal Prozac Barbie) and other things to amuse ourselves while we wait for the next batch to find its way in.
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Rockin' out

Today, the iPod I ordered from (and the associated $80 worth of CDs) arrived by UPS. This has transformed my work experience mightily as the hours are now flying by in a blissful musical stream. I've only burned about 1.5 Gig worth of MP3s to load onto the little guy (which can hold 5), but that still gives me a 3.5 hour playlist of peppy, keep-me-awake tunes (and then some)!

This will be particularly useful tonight as, unlike yesterday, I got little sleep today. What with some sort of ruckus waking me up and playing with my new toy, I only got in about 4 hours of sleep and then a short 1-hour nap in front of the Giants/Mets game. (Got to see Barry Bonds hit by a pitch, but that's about all I remember.)
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