May 2nd, 2002

self portrait

Oh, bother

Work's firewall decided to block access to Apple's web mail client. I guess they block all web-based e-mail. (Probably on the theory that one could download porn and/or malicious programs from such. Also, given the amount of insider-trading information we handle here they worry about avenues of communicating that, too.)

Well, at least, after several weeks of blocking LiveJournal they've let access to this site through. I miss not having time to write more here and would be severely bummed if this went away as well. E-mail I can do from home (assuming my client there behaves) but I never really seem to get time for updating my journal. Too many games to play (having fun with Ambrosia's Escape Velocity Nova lately) and other work to do (still need to finish that darned manuscript I'm supposed to be editing).

So when I get a brief moment to jot down thoughts and just keep in the practice of writing I'm grateful. I guess this is my equivalent of a smoke break.
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