April 24th, 2002

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Ritalin is our friend

A while back I got diagnosed with a mild case of narcolepsy. The main symptom was excessive daytime sleepiness. I tried napping during the day (I worked a day shift then) but it just didn't fit my schedule at all well. So my doctor suggested Ritalin and I've been taking 10-30 mg daily since then. In times like these, when I need to be awake and have every reason to think I won't be at some point, I up the dose. This was particularly important when I had a longer commute home and would wake up on the freeway. (Not all that disturbing after the third time you do it. Fortunately, I was a good driver in my dreams.)

So work has turned busy with five jobs hitting us out of the blue, all due by 7 a.m. So much for my slow night and nodding off.
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self portrait

Sports and music

Got to watch part of the Twins loss to Tampa Bay this afternoon. Including the abysmal 5th inning. Wacky turf they have in Tropicana field. Looks like grass that's dieing. And why in the world would you want a dome team in Tampa Bay? Hopefully the Twins will do better against this club when they visit Minneapolis next week. The Wolves lost as well, getting behind 2-0 in their playoff series. Not a good day for Minnesota sports.

Took my usual trip down to Kieran's for the Wednesday night session after the baseball and before basketball got started. Got there early in hopes of running into the other bodhran player that frequents the session and comparing notes. No such luck this week, however.

A good gathering of folk with a visitor from Leeds, England who was in town for a conference of some kind. Very different vibe than the music parties I attend most often. No real pattern to the playing but some definate leaders to the group. When we were without one of the normal leaders last week, the music definately suffered. No one bold enough to start something up that the others will latch on to.

Fun music with flashes brilliance. Wish I could stay longer but I get in a good couple of hours of play before I have to go to work. Enough to get the muscles of my arms just tired enough. My playing is becoming stronger and more confident; got told the other week that I've become too good for my drum. Quite the compliment. I've been planning on getting a tunable bodhran for a while now but thought they were more expensive than I've now been told. I'll need to track one down before too long.

Got good sleep after work yesterday so no danger of clowns this evening. Something nice about going to work after a couple of pints of Guinness as well. Definately in a better mood for work.
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