April 16th, 2002

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Catching up

Wow, two months go by in the hurry.

When last we left our hero....

Ericka is doing very much better now. She had surgery to stabilize her humerus with two titanium plates. The surgery went well and she was discharged from ICU after only a couple of days. (The ICU people had to read the manual on how to do discharges, it had been so long since they had to do it.) Unfortunately, a few days after being discharged, she developed an infection. So another ER trip and another stay in the hospital and another surgery. This went fine again and she got to be good friends with the infectious disease guys while on IV antibiotics for several days. She was finally released from the hospital after they had inserted a central line (one of those things one is always hearing them ask for on 'ER') so that she could continue getting IV antibiotics at home.

The process of giving Ericka the antibiotics over the next few weeks was kinda interesting from my viewpoint. They had quite the nifty little rig going into her neck and provided all the material necessary; saline to flush the lines every time, heparin to keep blood from clotting in them and this cool syringes with plastic tips to do connect bits with. They would go through a membrane in the IV line, allow the fluid to pass through and then seal up again upon removal. I expected needles and such but these you could poke yourself in the hand with and not even feel it. The only downside was that they shot their fluid sideways making them crappy squirt guns.

From Ericka's viewpoint, of course, this was not as much fun as it was for me. She was in pain, had cold fluid being pumped into her twice a day and was really unable to do much of anything she liked. It was lie in bed, read until she got tired, sleep until the pain woke her up. Step and repeat. She was a trooper, though and got through it all without smacking any of the doctors of the techs who had to keep sticking her to get blood and such. They've given her pretty much a clean bill of health and the OK to get back to doing the pool therapy, which she loves and helps her tremendously. (Of course, now her power chair has decided to act up, but that's another story.)

Me, I've been working. This third shift thing actually isn't bad. On my days off the things I like to do happen mostly in the night-time anyway. The only drag is that now I'm one of the few rarin' to go at 4 a.m. That and that places close about 2 a.m. I'm going to have to find someplace other than Canterbury Downs that stays open all night. (A guy can only play so much poker. ;) The end of March was "peak" time here at work. Everyone and their brother as to file a 10-K with the SEC by the end of the month so we worked mandatory 10-hour shifts the third week of march and 12-hour shifts the last week of March. Unfortunately, that last week coincided with Minicon this year so I really didn't get a chance to go to one of my key social events of the year.

I did get to the music party on Saturday night. Watched the Flash Girls do their bit before and then headed up to get settled in. I was getting the bodhran tuned up and warming myself up when Gary Shulte walked in. I nodded and said hi as he stepped into the circle and I knew it would be a wonderful time. As I'm happily jigging away, he pulls out his fiddle, does a quick tune and looks like he's about to start. Out of respect, I stop and see what he's going to play. He says, "keep that going," and I dutifully hop back into the jig. I was beaming. After a bit of a jam (I got to jam with Gary Shulte!) he passed me a card for his upcoming gig; I hope I can make it.

The night was too short, however, and I had to work the next day. The week of long nights also threw me off schedule so much that I couldn’t even really enjoy having Ctein stay with us as is his habit for the week after Minicon. Things are back to what passes for normal now. I’m planning on getting back to editing the gaming book that I was supposed to have done at the beginning of the year this week.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing a lot of drum. I’m back at the Wednesday night sessions at Kieran’s downtown now. I go to work a bit later on Wednesdays and so get in a good couple of hours there a week. And buddies of mine are going to be playing at a mutual friend’s wedding later this month and asked me to join them. So I’m rehearsing with them once a week or so. Interesting being miked and playing with those that are as well. I don’t think we’ll be hitting the club circuit any time soon, but we shouldn’t embarrass ourselves.

Got my taxes in under the wire. Really should have sent them in ages ago, but work kept me pretty busy so I didn’t even think about it much once I had them mostly done in early February. I’ll get a nice chunk of change back this year thanks to being a homeowner and making a sizable charitable contribution to help get Ericka her van last year. I’m already making plans on what I’ll do with the money but it will probably end up going to mundane things like bills. I would like a laptop eventually, however, as I think it would give me more time to write. We’ll see.

Something that intrigues me is rumor that Apple will be coming out with TiBooks with Superdrives in May. Video production has always fascinated me and I think I’d do OK as a director. I have very clear pictures in my head of how things should look when I’m reading or writing and I’d like to experiment with getting that onto film sometime. Maybe when my friend Jeff becomes a big-shot producer.
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Another slow night

We must be in a post-peak lull here at work. Hard to believe that we've been scrambling to keep up the last few weeks when there is just not much to do these last couple of nights. I'll have to start bringing a book with me if things don't pick up.

I have a vague memory of a mention of a training class that would be happening during this time. I'll have to check into that as well. Gotta look like I want to learn more about the grunt work I'm doing while trying to squeeze into a management role. I can do the grunt work and I'm pretty good at it; I just don't like it and would be much happier doing things like developing plans and managing resources. I'd lend a hand when needed but there are people that do actually like the heads-down coding that is typesetting these days. (Apart, of course, from shops that do wysiwyg typesetting, which is becoming more the norm. Here, however, our main-stay is setting financial tables and coding in a text editor is still the best way to go. I'd like to investigate other options for what we're doing but don't know enough about the business to begin yet.)

Had a weird home-day today as well. Got up about noon, which is early given that I get to bed at about 7:30 a.m. normally. Puttered about the house a bit while waking up, ate some PB&J and watched bits of TV. (Tivo is even more cool when you work an odd shift.) Then I started feeling sleepy and headed back to bed for a nap about 3:00. Woke up again when I heard the phone ring at about 8:30 or so. Got in the new Gilmore Girls, got Ericka settled and then it was off to work. Was hoping to be a bit more productive today; get back to editing the ms. I've had on my shelf since January (and before). Guess I needed the sleep.
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