February 15th, 2002

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Achey days and boring nights

I've come down with a nasty little chest cold. Bleah. I'm tired all the time and sore. I've spent the last couple of days curled up in blankets, sweating up a storm as I battle the fever. I think I've mostly kicked it; just the rebuilding of reserves to do now.

If that weren't bad enough, the training that I'm taking at work got me grumpy last night. The instructor, seeing that I'd completed the designated exercises decided that I should have something to do. (Never mind that I'd actually completed most of the exercises the day before and the others about six hours before she noticed.) So I got some bullshit make-work exercises to do. So I get punished because the class is totally unsuited to my level of experience and speed of learning. Grr.

The whole class is a joke anyway, it's supposed to take two weeks and should take a week tops. We've completed four of the five sections of the class through yesterday. One more, one more day. On top of that, it billed as a course for someone just starting this job but spends a great deal of time telling you how to do crap you'll never have to do. There's also a large amount of energy spent on telling you how to do things right. Well, from my initial reading of this material (did I mention the instructors basically just read through the material in the handbooks? Grr.) and experience I know that even if you do things "right" a proofreader is most likely going to have you change it. Far more important to do things simply and quickly on the first pass and then clean it up later.

So I'm thinking of calling in sick today, but I've only earned two hours of sick time since I started as a full-time employee. There's also the gaming convention happening this weekend that I'm supposed to be helping friends run a game at. Between taking the class second shift and this cold, I'll probably miss out on both.
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