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Well, there's that

One Wonderful Project I might pursue if I had the space and time would be to learn to play guitar and to sing.

One of the things I did this morning while staying awake so that I'd be able to sleep enough to not be too tired for work tonight (if that makes any sense) was to compile a new playlist in iTunes. This list includes songs that I think would be cool to hear at the various music parties I attend. Of course, the only way this is likely to happen is if a) I corner a musician and make them as enthused about these songs as I am, or b) I learn to perform them myself.

And, hey, I've got 40-odd years to make it all work.

I'm not settling for this first idea, though. Back to work, Fred! (Not fredcritter, but the other-than-conscious mind whose name I stole from Damon Knight.)

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