September 6th, 2001

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The genial asshole

For several years I've told people that I have a class of friends that I call "genial assholes." These are friends that are quite gregarious but also have the habit of telling you exactly what they think without couching it in pleasantries or courtesies. If you've fucked up, they will say, "Hey, you've fucked up."

I value these friends and I think they've probably saved my life on several occasions. Small pushes like these from people I respect tend to correct my course before I drift far enough to get in serious trouble. Here in Minnesota, it is probably more prevalent for people to be polite and not mention your problems or just slowly drift away as you get more and more in trouble. The genial asshole is a novelty and a boon.

I try to return the favor now and then and hope that I don't offend more than I help. In the end, however, I'm trying to help people I care about and if they hate my guts because of what I've said and live to do so for a good long time, that's reward enough.
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self portrait

The long bachelor weekend

Ericka has gone off for the weekend. Doing her typical bit of building up worries and nervous over-preparation until actually getting in the car. She's riding down to Chicago with two of her helpers and friends to attend a seminar and visit her family. This is the first trip of this length she's made without me in years.

I'm glad to see her go, getting to do fun things that she likes and being relatively independent about them. It will be odd without her around for the next few days, though. The house will seem empty and I'll have to do more with taking care of day to day things. Make sure the dog gets out for a walk, make sure the washing gets done, things like that.

Fortunately, I have several social events this weekend to keep me busy so I won't be puttering around the house feeling bored too much.
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