August 18th, 2001

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Rained in

So I got up this morning to get Ericka ready for pool therapy. She started this a while ago and has really taken to it. She exercises in the warm (near body temp) pool at Courage Center. Four days a week, she does fairly typical physical therapy, improving strength and range of motion. Tuesdays and Thursdays she does a style of Tai Chi developed for in the water. She really loves it and I can begin to tell that it's helping her. Her mood is improved and she's able to do more in her daily life. All good stuff.

But I don't have to like getting up so bloody early.

Especially on a Saturday.

Especially when it's raining.


So after getting Ericka off in the rain (at least, in her swim suit, she was dressed for it) I puttered around the house a bit and groused at the pup about not being able to go play volleyball today. That makes the third week in a row I've missed volleyball for one reason or another which puts me out of touch with that circle of friends.

By the time it stopped raining, I'd even run out of energy to make the drive to the MN-Stf meeting/party in Rochester that I was kind of looking forward to. Ah, well, there'll be other meetings and fun stuff to do with those folks in the future.

At least I got all my bills paid today. I've been in the odd place of doing pretty darn well financially lately and, because of that, forgetting to pay my bills. So I was a couple of months behind on a few things and got them all caught up, which feels good. Being able to do so, and still have enough in the bank to pay next month's mortgage, next month's car payment, insurance, utilities, credit card payments and miscellaneous loans is seriously fucking cool.

(Hugs to Laurel who just lost her job and is having a rougher time than me. I've been there and know just how lucky I am.)

So I'll have to do something to celebrate before too long. I think the universe likes it when we notice the cool stuff it does for us and take joy in it. At least it seems that more comes my way whenever I do.

A rainy Saturday. A bit of a hermit day. In the grand scheme of things, though, a pretty good one.
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