July 24th, 2001

self portrait

Orange Milano at Midnight

I'm back at home after listening to two sets of my current favorite local band to go out and see live, The Tim Malloys. I think they hit every song of theirs I particularly wanted to hear in those two sets, making the early leaving more bearable. It made for a good cap to an otherwise kinda crappy day.

At work this afternoon, I sat in on a conference call where we went over and over a problem with our web site. After about four days of emails going back and forth and twenty minutes on the phone with the principles, we arrived at the solution that I'd proposed way back on the first day this problem arose. My mantra for the rest of the day was: I would be a lot less crabby and, in fact, the world would be a better place if people just shut up and did what I told them to.

To that off with strangeness at home when I arrived resulting from both Ericka's helpers hanging around what seemed like later than usual, intruding upon my mental space and the hijinks of making the cable and Tivo work after the power had been out to upgrade our electrical service. (Meaning that I've now missed two episodes of Babylon 5 I hadn't caught in previous runs. Grr.)

So a night out was definitely in order. I wished for some company early in the night as there was no one other than the Tim's bass player that I knew at the Rec early. By the time I had to leave, however, my wish was granted. I ran into friends of mine, doing some quick catch up between songs and sets and wishing all well on my way out.

Now I'm back home again, having a quick snack before I go to sleep. I'm seriously considering leaving work early tomorrow and not coming back until after the gaming convention in Milwaukee that begins next week. I'm feeling burned out and discouraged by work. Some time away will probably help me get some perspective.

That or it will confirm my feelings and give me the energy to fight for what I know is right.

Even if the rest of the people I work with are stuck in the status quo.
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