July 15th, 2001

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Recharging weekend

Every summer, friends of mine and I go for a weekend camping trip to a park campground in the far northwest corner of Hennipen County. As we're all gamers, the highlight of the trip is two large interactive games, one each on Friday and Saturday nights.

This year's trip was idyllic. The weather was warm, but not stormy. Conditions were dry but that mostly meant fewer mosquitoes. The traditional volleyball games that fill the days were much fun. (As usual those of us that start playing in spring on the sand court in a St. Paul park had a huge advantage in practice and ability to actually move and jump on the grass.) The Friday game had a wild-west theme as was fun with some inventive twists by the group running it.

On Saturday, three friends and I ran the game we'd prepared. The setting was a Prohibition era mob wedding with overtones of mob business and war. It took place in Havana, Cuba (largely to pull the characters out of their power base eliminating the, "I call by boys to have him rubbed out" gambit). Within the first hour my fellow GMs and I were spending most of our time talking to each other on the walkie-talkie headsets we use to stay in touch in a game that easily wanders over most of the large campground about what geniuses we were. The game was running smoothly, the players were all active and having fun pursuing their character's agendas.

Add to that the fact that whenever I sleep out of doors I seem to sleep very much better. It isn't uncommon for me to get four hours of sleep and feel completely refreshed. I learned a while ago when I got diagnosed with narcolepsy that my main identifying trait was that I go into REM sleep about a half hour after falling asleep and stay there pretty much all night, never getting deep, restful sleep most folks do. I'd love to do another study out of doors and see if that pattern changes.

So I'm back this afternoon feeling quite refreshed. I listened to my friend Nate Bucklin's recent CD on the way back, singing along with all the songs I know. I took a shower in my newly-remodeled bathroom. (A great pleasure after not having an operable shower in the house for several weeks and spending three grungy days camping.) I had a bit of a snack and a bit of a nap. I'm refreshed and recharged and ready to head into the week.

Work probably won't be that great, but I think I can take it for at least a few days after a weekend like this.
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