April 18th, 2001

self portrait

And the fun just keeps coming!

As if Minicon wasn't enough fun, Geri Sullivan called up last night. Seems that Jo Walton and some others are heading down to Northfield for a tour. (Nice town, Northfield, I have some good friends that all went to college there.) Geri, being the fabulous hostess she is, had picked up an extra ticket to tonight's performance of the Flying Karamazov Brothers for Jo. Well, given the timing of the tour, Jo decided that she didn't want to spend all the time in Northfield worrying about whether they'd get back in time for the tour. So now Geri had an extra ticket and wanted to know if anyone at our house would like it.

"I would!" I exclaimed. I'm a juggler myself and so the Karamazovs are heroes. They're also friends of friends so they seem almost like family. The joke at juggling conventions is that performances there are one guy on stage and 300 people in the audience saying, "I could do that." While I've thought that about some performances, the Karamazovs always elevate themselves to a higher level of both skill and entertainment.

So off I go to see the fun this evening. Now I want to juggle things around the office.
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