March 20th, 2001

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Darn kids

So I caught this story about a 14 year old kid who has sold a movie to HBO the other day. Made me think some about some of the writing I'm doing.

I've always been visual and most of the writing I've done involves translating the images in my head into words. As far back as 7th grade I've hopped around rooms enacting scenes from my head in order to properly interpret my imaginings to the page. So I got to thinking. What if I didn't translate? What if I started with images and tied them together into a visual story? Basically doing storyboards and then tieing them into a rough series. Not really animation so much as a series of stills with dialog.

(In some ways it makes me think of the Lone Wolf and Cub and Sin City comics I love.)

So if anything tangible comes of this, I'll let you know....
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