February 22nd, 2001

self portrait

Moving day

Today, I must pack up the stuff in my cubicle so that burly men can come by this evening and move it all three cubes down. We moved from the building next door over to our current location about six months ago, so it is about time. The irony is that in a few more months, we'll all be moving over to our new corporate HQ building that is nearing completion.

As I look over the morass that is my desk, I approach the task of packing with a sense of relish. I am quite proud that I will be able to fit all my work-worldly possessions into two boxes (not including the computers). All this accumulated stuff on my desk is just the detritus of a few month's procrastination. Most of it will go, and that doesn't will be properly filed, finally.

My sweetie quips that I would be most happy living in a monastery, with just my bowl and pallet. Maybe a spare robe.

I think my lack of ties to material possessions is an artifact of my youth as a Navy brat. My dad would be re-stationed and we'd pack up and move. Things lost, things left behind. Different surroundings, different people.

Thinking out loud, as it were, about the things I need in my life: Clothes, particularly enough pairs of socks and underwear so that laundry isn't a weekly necessity. A saute pan, a sauce pan, and a pot (at least one of these should be cast iron). A bowl, a plate, a glass. A fork, a spoon. An eating knife, a slicing knife, a chef's knife, a paring knife. A refrigerator. A cooking appliance (preferably a gas stove.) A method of producing words on paper (be that computer and printer, typewriter, or a nice pen). A dictionary.

Things I want in my life (in no particular order): Books. Net access. Whiskey. Games. Friends. Music.

An exercise occurs to me (and brings echoes of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs): If you basic needs for air, water, food, sleep, warmth, safety, etc., were being met, but you lived in only one room measuring, say, 3m square (not quite 10ft square), what would you have?

I would have a bed, probably a twin, lofted, with flannel sheets and three blankets of varying thicknesses. Two pillows. A desk large enough to hold my computer monitor while leaving space for writing. A chair for the desk and another large and comfortable enough to sprawl out on. A small bookcase with some reference books and a few pieces of favorite fiction. Either in the desk drawers or in a small chest, I would keep my few changes of clothes, towels, laundry goods, toiletries. I would have some kind of art on two walls and a window opposite the door. My vision is of a small but cozy space that is fairly spare.
self portrait

Make that one box

Turns out I over-estimated the stuff I have here at work. While the guy in the cube next to me has five boxes (standard sized, provided by the moving service) stacked up and ready to go, I am finished with the things that go in boxes and have yet to fill one.

Of course, my trash can is full, but I expected that.

So now I grab some lunch, pack up the 'puter bits and head home.