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Back With Barbara

I took the Barbara Sher book I've been working through, How to Live the Life you Love, on vacation to Seattle with me. Never looked at it once. I don't feel guilty about this, though, because vacations are for fun, not work.

I pulled it out at work again tonight and hopped back into it. The particular bit that I'm currently excited about is her "Clearing the Decks" chapter.

The premise is that we all have clutter. Everyone I know has some. Some have more than others. I have my fair share. In order to make room in one's life for whatever this thing is that you'll love doing, you must make a space for it and that means clearing the clutter.

More than just telling you to do it, however, Barbara does the smart thing of chunking one's clutter into various types and giving you strategies for dealing with it. Have something that you're hanging on to for your kids or parents or neighbor? Pass the buck; tell them you're moving and would they like to come get it by Friday or have you toss it? If they notice later that you haven't moved, tell them the deal fell through.

My downfall is simple accumulation. I get stuff and then never get around to throwing out stuff I should. So there are odds and ends of things lying around that don't really need to be. The strategy for me? Toss 10 things. Next time I shave, I can toss a few things like the ponytail holders that I probably won't ever need again (and if I do, they're cheap!), the half-empty bottles of shampoo I'm not going to use again and the like.

I like this idea. It fits with the feeling of what I've done before, like when I took time off last December and cleaned out the garage. But it's in smaller doses. I won't need to rent a dumpster or end up with stacks of stuff that are supposed to go somewhere else. I can do a little bit now, a little bit later, a little bit every time I think of it. Ten things is easy!

If I forget for a while, that's OK. When I think of it again, there'll be 10 things to toss!

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