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Vacation dreams

One of the ways I can tell this little vacation is good for me is that I've been having nifty, cinematic dreams.

It started with the fantasy epic about a castle under siege by monstrous forces. The lasting image from that one is when some ogre sorcerer decides to do a reconnaissance into the castle be balloon. In order to power his sorcerous balloon, he released the "lightness" from stuffed animals by tearing off their heads. So here's the monster with a big basket of teddy bears, ripping off one's head whenever his balloon starts to dip in altitude.

The next two came as a package, as one was a "movie in a movie" kind of thing. My subconscious was working overtime.

In the first, there's something going on about Our Hero working at a radio station but not getting along with the management thereof, which had recently changed. It swiftly moves into summer blockbuster territory as we learn that Our Hero is ex-military. There are bad guys out for revenge for something or other that he did while in the service that take over the small town that he is now living in. The big finale is a showdown in the radio station studios complete with Jackie Chan-esque use of the cubicle dividers as Our Hero thwarts the minions of the Bad Guy.

Within this movie somewhere, there was a funeral for Our Hero's father. All his friends are there including, in that inexplicable way that happens in dreams so that even the weirdest things make sense, Mike Myers in full Cat in the Hat regalia. He and a sidekick begin to explain their idea for a sequel which would be entitled The Cat in the Hat Goes to the Track. As they are explaining, they get sidetracked into a different kind of summer blockbuster. This one starts out as a feel-good coming of age story but then turns into a Stephen King-esque "monsters in the attic" movie. In this one, Our Hero and His Sidekick our teenage boys who fight a losing battle against an invading critter in the attic of His Sidekick. Just when we think they are doomed, despite their plucky youth, Our Hero's dad shows up with a weird critter from Our Hero's attic that happens to be the natural predator of the critter in His Sidekick's attic. Hurrah!

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