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Another good vacation day

I awoke today with two nearly simultaneous thoughts: "I'm hungry" and "Wow, it would be pathetic if I spent my entire vacation playing Knights of the Old Republic on my friend's Xbox."

So I set off to get the all-you-can-eat sushi lunch at the place on the lower level of the Westin hotel downtown. That's the hotel I've stayed at several times when visiting Seattle for work back when I worked for ADC. My follow-on plans were to take the monorail up to the Experience Music Project to go to the newly-opened Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame and then hook up with my hosts and friends Ray and Christine for dinner on Bainbridge Island.

Well, apparently, Seattle saw me coming and broke everything in anticipation. The restaurant I wanted to go to was closed. And not closed as in, we'll be back in five minutes" closed. No, closed as in gone out of business closed. So I zipped down to Pike's Place market for sushi, no big deal. Then back up the hill to catch the monorail up to the Space Needle and EMP. No, the monorail isn't running because of a fire they had back on Memorial Day weekend. They are, however, running complementary shuttle busses while it's down, so I got to get up there and see what I wanted to.

The Science Fiction Museum is geek-a-riffic. All kinds of movie and TV props as well as 1st editions of various books, manuscripts, annotated scripts, fanzines, typewriters and even a mimeograph! The display of the SF Hall of Fame felt a bit like a church to Our Heroes, which, I suppose, it should. Very tasteful presentation and good information about the various people's included therein.

So, after all the travails, I half-expected that the ferry to Bainbridge would be capsized or cancelled or some such. It was not, however, and we all hooked up at a lovely little restaurant for a tasty dinner. I took an early ferry and so had time to putter around, checking out all the little shops and galleries that had recently closed for the day (I having arrived after 5:00 pm) while waiting for my friends to show up from the next ferry. They had none of my earlier problems and the trip back was uneventful. We swung by Ray and Christine's for a nightcap and now I'm home again.

Ahh. I suppose I'll fire up the Xbox in a little bit.

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