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Seattle arrival

The flight into Seattle was uneventful enough to let me get some sleep. During prep yesterday, the "catch a nap" to-do item fell by the wayside. The flight did have the dangerous potential of turning into the Flight of Screaming Babies. I was worried as little bundles of potential screaming kept coming on and passing me. Then I was doubly worried when a young couple and their offspring climbed into the row with me. Mom, Dad, Little Screamer and me. By my count, that's four for the three seats, this was not going to be OK. Fortunately, the flight wasn't full so I was able to move to an empty row and have it all by myself.

Rev met me at baggage claim. I ended up needing to check my duffel because the ticket agents didn't think that my (small) duffel and backpack would both be allowed on the plane. Never mind that my two bags fill an area smaller than most people's single bag. Not to mention that the flight was nowhere near filled. Grr.

The other hassle was security. At first I thought it would be a breeze. A sign said to put all metal objects in your carryon. Smart, cool. I complied. The sign didn't mention that any laptop needed to taken out of your carryon. Back through we go. Also, no sign mentioned what things one can't take on the plane. Dangerous objects like Swiss Army Knives are verboten. (Understandable when you realize how many terrorist organizations are based in Switzerland.) So back to the ticket counter I go to leave my knife with them. Then back through security.

So after picking up my bag, Rev and I adjourned to the curb where we waited for Jenny, who was performing the "keep circling so we don't have to park" maneuver. Then a quick trip back to their house and the nickel tour and orientation. An impromptu cook-out at the esteemed Ray and Christine's followed, complete with Copper River salmon and a few bottles of local wines. Good conversation, including embarrassing geek confessions, filled the night. We finally bid good night and returned to settle in for the night.

Here in the guest room, my sleep was supervised by the cats. I felt a bit bad when my tossing and turnings ended up booting one of them (I think it was Monkey) off the corner, but no ill feelings appear to lodged permanently.

Today I am unsure as to what I'll be up to. My friend Stephen mentioned he and his wife would be attending a brew festival of some sort today. Sounds like it could be fun, so I may have to look that up. First, though, is to track down some breakfast.

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