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Vacation Prep

My bags of mulch are down to eight. I spread mulch all along the front side of my house where, mostly, weeds have held sway. I also added mulch to the Pre-Cambrian garden on the north side of the house. With all the mulch gone, I was able to take the two pallets it came on, the cardboard sheets as big as the pallets that the bags sat upon, and the black plastic the wrapped the big stack of bags and use it to smother a chunk of quack-grass and Creeping Charlie infested yard. I'm not completely sure what I'll do with that chunk once all the weeds are dead (this fall or next year), but since it abuts the southern prairie on the western end, I'm seriously considering expanding the prairie into a rain garden for that corner of the house.

Next up is folding clothes as I've finished the laundry. Then will begin the packing.

I need to get an application for our Neighborhood Revitalization Project filled out once that's complete.

Edit: Also need to to change the cat box and clip the cat's claws.

Grab a bowl of Cheerios, a quick nap and then head to the airport, arriving about 3:00 pm for my 3:55 flight out (arriving in Seattle at 5:25 local time)!

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