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Early evening musings

Read my Free Will Astrology horoscope for the week. It seemed to me that it would easily apply to everyone:
Current human life expectancy is already at 78 years, and it's steadily increasing. So if you're 30 years old, you can expect to be alive for at least another 48 years, and probably longer. If you're 22 you could easily be here for another 60 revolutions of the Earth around the sun, and if you're 45, you've got a minimum of 33. So what are you going to do with all that precious, spacious time? I encourage you to let your brainstorms flow freely in the coming week. Is there another career or two you might want to pursue? A far-flung locale where you'd like to live for a while? An adventure that may take a long time to get ready for? Have fun visualizing the enormous magic you could accomplish little by little in the next three decades.
So, I'm 37. That gives me a reasonable expectancy of another 41 years. A length of time more than equal to the time that I've lived now. A license, if you will, to live my life all over again, making choices based on what I've learned so far.

I was commenting elsewhere last night that one of the things that makes me hopeful about the human race is that anger takes so much energy to maintain. It's very difficult to stay angry for any length of time without new energy being put into the system. Anger burns off energy at an alarming rate.

Love, on the other hand, produces energy. Loving relationships last because even small, quiet moments generate the energy to sustain the people involved. This must be why people in the first throes of a new relationship don't need to eat or sleep, they just live off the influx of new energy.

So what do I want to do with those 40+ years? Among the things I want to do is travel. I'm getting more excited about my forthcoming trip to Seattle, but I'm also itching to explore far-away places. I want to go wander rural Spanish villages (maybe with minnehahaK as interpreter and companion in silliness). I want to see Japan and India and China (one of Ericka's helpers wants me to go to China with her next year). I want to sail a wooden ship around the islands of Greece and Turkey for a few months or years.

I also want to make stuff during that time. I like putting things together from various parts or building them from raw materials. My recent gardening efforts stem from that desire but I also have this hankering to make a movie and write a novel or three. So far, the craft of those things have eluded me, but I have a lifetime to pick them up, right?

Similarly, I'd like to learn to play guitar and harmonica. I've often remarked that, in a past life, I was a poor black man. Blues songs tug at something deep inside me. In also have something of a post-punk, pre-grunge sensibility in me that calls out for release.

Also, I have a lot of time to think of new things. Maybe something will happen 18 years from now that will forever change how I think about the world and what I want to do in it. Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing what develops. Do you have plans or dreams for the next 20, 30 or 40 years?

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