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Stop and smell the garden

When I got home from work Saturday morning I started mulching the front prairie. In order to get the recommended coverage, I dug out a length of 2x2 and used it to screed the mulch over the broader open areas between my plants. Would have been more accurate with two of them, yes, but I was mostly aiming to have a minimum amount of mulch rather than an even amount everywhere. I got about five bags into the process and it was going very well. I eventually settled on a technique I'm called "a bag and a board" that involved opening a bag of mulch, pouring between plants, mounding extra in areas where there were larger gaps, then laying the board next to a plant and pushing the extra mulch up get the correct depth next to the plant. Then I'd smooth things out and make sure the plants had a little space around them so they wouldn't get over-wet at the base of their stems. Grab another bag and move on.

Twenty-one bags of coco bean mulch later, the prairie was completely mulched. I, as the bags recommended, pulled out the hose and wet down the new mulch. This seems to help it bind together. We certainly didn't need the moisture after a week of pretty steady rain and a big storm last night. When I was finished, however, the aroma of chocolate from the mulch as it warmed in the morning sun was delicious. This smell, apparently, deters deer from gardens where the cocoa bean mulch is used; I hope it has similar effects on squirrels and rabbits.

I took a much-needed shower when I was finished and got a few hours of sleep. I was awoken by the barks of our friends' dogs. I'd forgotten we were watching them today as they had a combination work party to assemble a new play set and birthday party for the youngest of their two sons. So I got some sleep on and off through the later afternoon, made some dinner and settled in front of the tube. Saw Friday night's Twins game where they battled back from a 5-1 deficit to tie the game at 6, only to give up 5 runs in the late innings and lose 11-6. Drat. I see they won Saturday night, though, so the rubber game on Sunday will be fun to watch.

After the dogs returned to their owners, I started watching a bad movie on the SciFi channel and dozed off. Ericka woke me up to get her ready for bed. I've heard through the grapevine that there's a party going on that my invite to may have been lost in an email snafu. At this late hour, however, I'm not up for dragging myself out of the house, even though it would likely be great fun. No, I'll stay in and watch a couple of movies instead. Maybe catch more nap.

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