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Today I put 15 of the 75 bags of mulch on the southern prairie. I used a bit more than I thought because I ended up pulling off the wood chips I had placed previously and using them to add to the path along the neighbor's fence. The cocoa shells were easy enough to work with and did smell pleasantly like chocolate. The one down-side was that they were more dusty than other mulches. By the time I was done, I was mostly covered with a fine coating of cocoa powder.

So I showered, read some mail and LJ and climbed into bed. Having had very little sleep yesterday, I thought the combination of staying up a little late and physical labor would translate to a good day's sleep. I was mostly right. I could have used a couple more hours, but, overall, I'm in good shape for working tonight.

I've forgotten to bring my new journal to work the last few days. In the ten-step process for living the life you love that Sher lays out, I'm in the middle of step two. Having identified some of my allies, I am to begin envisioning them in various places in my life. Put up pictures, maybe; just have a spot I can turn to when I want to hear what, oh, Gandhi, would say.

I should write these down in the journal, but even though we're slow at work, without the journal I have no consistent place to store them. At least I'm getting productive things done at home when I'm not following this program.

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