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The smell of flowers

For the last few days, as I walked toward my cubicle, I've passed by our mail station and smelled flowers. A fairly powerful, sweet aroma, distinctly flowery but not something I could readily identify. I suspected, at first, that someone had perhaps placed a vase of fresh flowers near our printers to help cheer things up a bit. Or maybe someone received the flowers for a birthday or anniversary.

Today, I wandered into my boss's cubicle to update her on a request and noticed the smell even stronger. On the way back to my cube, I noticed the trees planted near the windows had swollen buds on them. Sure enough, small white flowers were blooming on one of the trees, wafting their attractant to wayward pollinators.

I'm sure someone with allergies will complain eventually, but for now I'm very happy to have my office smelling like flowers. I'll have to work on identifying the trees so I can categorize this smell in my memory.

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