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I should be sleeping

Did get some sleep during the power outage we had last night and when I was supposed to be at work if not for said power outage. So I should be OK for staying up at work all night tonight.

Earlier this morning, I dug a shallow trench around the front prairie. Tomorrow, I have 75 bags of cocoa bean mulch delivered. The plan is to mulch the entire front prairie, filling in the trench as well. The mulch-filled trench will then act as a barrier to infiltrating undesirable plants (that will likely try to grow up through the loose mulch to be plucked when they poke their heads above it). Reading the FAQ linked to above, however, I may have ordered too much. I was planning on a four-inch deep layer and that FAQ suggests a one-inch layer. Oh, well, maybe there'll be more mulching that I'd planned. The only downside is that it's poisonous to dogs (as chocolate is). So I'll have to keep an eye on Brandy and any neighborhood pooches that wander by.

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