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Weekend update

Had a productive, fun weekend. 90_percent_sure, as she reported in her journal, came over and was very helpful with garden stuff. Got some new plants (purple, white and silky prairie clovers and purple coneflower) and got those in. Got some mulch down (need to get more). I'm becoming resigned to just buying the stinking mulch as I'm too lazy to pursue other options. Silly me.

Also got through the first part of the second lesson in the Barbara Sher book. This one is about rounding up allies. I've collected quite a few famous dead people to be my allies. Groucho Marx, for example, who I keep in the back of my head to remind me of the absurdity of reality.

Sunday was spent working on setting up Ericka's new computer. She's purchased a PC that is intended mainly to connect to her sewing machine to allow her to do machine embroidery. She'll also be able to use it for some diabetes monitoring software. I'm doing the playing around with getting a wireless network running and am, at this very moment, in my bed, posting to LJ with no wires attached!

It's the height of decadence. Get me someone to bring me food and empty the bedpan and I'm never leaving.

We had a power outage today. A transformer blew at about 4:00 pm leaving the whole block without power. Fortunately, the AC had been running all morning so the house was relatively cool. We stuck it out for about four hours and then fired up the generator we got after last year's 2-3 days without power. That gave Ericka her CPAP and fan so that she, at least could get some rest. I called in to work to let them know that I wouldn't be coming in tonight, just in case something else went wrong. I'll work Wednesday night instead.

So now, I'll kick back, watch a movie, catch some Zs. Maybe I'll run out and play some poker later if I feel particularly cooped up, but I doubt it.

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