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Getting started

Well, I did it. I got out and picked up the supplies I needed for the exercises in Live the Life you Love. I even completed the first exercise before getting to sleep today.

In this first exercise, the goal was (we discover after completing the first parts) to figure out what things motivate me and what sorts of things that might motivate others don't work for me.

Motivational techniques that work for me:
  • Competition
  • Buddy System
  • Gentleness
Techniques that don't:
  • Lecturing
  • Rewards
  • Guilt
  • Fear
A good example of motivation by competition occurred on my ride home yesterday. As I went around the turn by Midway Stadium, I saw another cyclist about a quarter mile ahead of me. Before I thought much about it, I picked up my pace a bit and worked to catch up to him. Got caught up at the Cleveland Ave. stop light.

By "Buddy System" I mean either doing something to help someone or having someone help me do something. daedala and I swapped help with house-clearing activities last year and that helped get a lot done. 90_percent_sure came by to help get some gardening done last summer and that motivation has kept me going all this year.

The best example of "Gentleness" is from long ago. It was my first Fourth Street Fantasy convention at the Holiday Inn downtown. During the music party I was drunk, happy and enthusiastically using the side of the chair I was sitting in as a drum. gerisullivan stepped up to me, laid a hand on my shoulder and whispered something that brought me to my senses. I was still happy and enthusiastic and still participating in the music, I was just no longer being ignorantly destructive.

So I've written these motivational techniques on an index card. They will be part of a collection of cards I keep with me and refer to whenever I have a spare moment. This is part of Sher's system to remind one of the lessons as you progress and it seems like a good idea to me.

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