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Wet and chilly

Didn't bike in tonight as it is supposed to be both cold and rainy in the morning. I'm a wimp. Cold or rainy I'd do, but both is too much bother. So I pulled out the ol' fossil-fuel burner, cranked out some greenhouse gasses and got myself to work.

Looks like our lull is continuing tonight.

I've been reading Live the Life You Love : In Ten Easy Step-By-Step Lessons by Barbara Sher lately. I've read quite a bit of the book but have yet to undertake any of the lessons. I'm planning to start them once I've finished giving the whole thing a read.

This, of course, is a way to procrastinate starting. It is, however, a first step in the scary process of reevaluating my job, my life and all that. I'm going to renew the book from the library (well, Ericka is) and go through the lessons.

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