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Had my first Wednesday off on the new schedule. Worked out great! I got nothing done, but did get in a good batch of sleep. Also, being home during the little thunderstorm we had overnight meant that my pup was much more comfortable and much less destructive. I got her settled in next to the bed and then just kept her in a down and did some pre-soothing of her when I saw lightning flashes before the thunder came. That seemed to work, keeping her calmer. When I was slow on the soothing, though, she'd try to get up and go off to do whatever thing seemed the right thing to do in her scared puppy brain.

So I spent most the night playing a game on my iBook. Need to pick up a wireless card for that thing so I can surf the net while in bed. (Which is the primary purpose of wireless networking.)

Now at work. Rode in for the first time today, putting the additional $500 worth of bike clothes and gear that I picked up at REI's member's sale a good work out. The new bike computer tells me the trip is only 3.75 miles. I'm thinking I either installed it incorrectly or that it lies. It's supposed to be five miles. Silly computer.

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