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Finished off the last of the leftovers from dinner with minnehaha and crew on Sunday. Indian food reheats well.

There will be dogs today, shortly after I get home. I have to remember to fill the water jug so they'll have water and then to let them all out to do their business before the storms start. I wonder if I should just take Brandy (my dog) into the basement and sleep with her down there for the day. She ends up down there during storms anyway, so maybe having the alpha human show a little forethought would go a ways toward keeping her relatively calm.

I need to do something about my writing. I'm getting none done and do miss it. I also miss gaming; I haven't played a game with friends since the winter cabin expedition and I haven't played a role-playing game in countless years.

One thing that may help with both of those is that my work schedule is changing next week. I'm going to start working four 10-hour days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I will have, in effect two short weeks and two weekends each week. Having Wednesday nights off, I should be able to do a thing or two that I've been missing. If I get in just one day a month for gaming or writing, I'll be better off than I am now.

I've forgotten a couple of recent dreams, or at least the details of them. I remember thinking they were really cool when I woke up and wanted to remember to jot them down as I drifted back to sleep or got caught up in daily activity.

I'm planning for a vacation at the end of June to go out and visit friends and family in the Seattle area. This will be my first time out there in over two years. The chunk of time with no commitments will be good for me.

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