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Sweaty and fulfilled

I slept fitfully this morning so I finally got up around 2 pm, had some breakfast and proceeded to putter about in the garden. I've weeded the flowers beneath the front window. (The irises are nearly ready to bloom!) I weeded the front prairie, collecting between the two another 5-gallon pail full of weedy matter. The clover has germinated and it looks like the front prairie will be over-run if I don't get some mulch down on it soon. (This being the common clover, not the prairie clover I purposefully planted there a week ago. Do try to keep your weeds straight.)

Lumped all the organic material in the second compost bin, covered it up with the potting soil from some of the failed containers of last year. Gave the first compost bin a stir. It still needs more cooking. I think it needs some greenage as well. May have to amend it with a nitrogen-heavy compound. (One of the most readily available is urine but you won't find me out back pissing on the compost any time soon.)

Then I took the loppers around the yard and discouraged any trees that were growing where they shouldn't be. Discovered a plant that is flowering north of the driveway in the midst of the Woodland Garden. Not something I planted but definitely some sort of cultivated flower. I think it's Columbine but it'll take a couple day to be sure. Neat that it popped up there by itself.

So having finished the bits of yard work I'd assigned myself today, I've worked up a pleasant sweat and feel like I've accomplished something worthwhile. Now to relax, enjoy a cool beverage and watch the end of last night's Twins game. With any luck, I'll also catch a nap in there.

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