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A very good party was had by...well, me and, I think, everyone else there. My friends Karen and Bruce threw a little thing at their place and many of my friends came by. Laurel and Larry were there as well as much of the local sf crowd and quite a few fine musicians.

We partied until the wee hours of the morning. I think it was about 5:00 that, as last guest, I finally got tossed out the door. I staggered a bit going down the path, kicking over some of the candles that had lit it earlier in the evening (before the rain started) but got home safe and sound and collapsed into bed.

I had a fabulous time. Not only are Karen and Bruce great hosts, but the music was just swinging from start to finish. I got to perform "I Want" with Nate and I think I carried much of "Barret's Privateers" later in the evening, though Dave and Martin also brought most of it.. Toward the end there were questions about the presence of Laura Jean's underwear, so it must have been quite good.

This morning I was awoken by friends come to carry off much of the debris from the recent house projects and soon I will head off to play volleyball. I'm in a place where I know I would be hung over if I'd had crap to drink all night. Fortunately, I had only single malt whiskey (and a single glass of sherry). That clean liquor makes a huge difference. I'm dehydrated but not at all ill.

Tonight, I'm off to poker with the guys but now it is time to grab a bite and head to volleyball.

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