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Dinner and work

Tonight is Ericka's mom's last day with us. She came up over Mother's Day to do a big quilt-shop-a-palooza with her friend from Wisconsin and then stayed over when Ericka went in for her procedure. Now that Ericka's doing much better, she's heading home.

We were originally planning to go out to dinner but couldn't come up with a place. Both Ericka and her mom have specific needs for food and they happen to be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Ericka is the Weirdest Vegetarian I Know and her mom is doing the Atkins thing. Very few places going to cater well to both extremes. I thought that Ichiban downtown would be OK (tempura and rice for Ericka, meat for her mom, sushi for me!) but Ericka pronounced it "too fancy" to the point that she wouldn't be comfortable. We ended up opting for curbside pickup from Outback Steakhouse. Well, Ericka's mom enjoyed it so that's one thing, but I saw no reason to go back; even the big honking cheesecake I got for dessert was sub-par.

So I arrive at work today, after having this large meal at about 7:00 pm, only to find that today is the day they are feeding us pizza for our peak. Oof. I'm going to be very stuffed.

Tomorrow, I have to get back in touch with the DFL fellow working for the Kerry campaign. Going to host a house party for the campaign to see about getting more volunteers working. A separate post on that when I have the details ironed out.

I also need to do some work in the garden. Got a good tip off "Hometime" over the weekend: dig a v-shaped trench along the edge where the lawn meets the garden and fill said trench with mulch. The idea is to prevent the lawn from spreading into the garden. I'm thinking this doesn't so much prevent the spread as it makes the spread easy to manage as the grass won't have a lot to grab on to in the mulch and will be easy to rip back to where it belongs. In any case, I'm going to give it a go on the edges of the prairie gardens in hopes that I don't have to go the landscape fabric route.

This, of course, means that I'll have to get some mulch. Another adventure to the wood chip place in St. Paul is in order. I'll need to swing by and see if they have chips and then arrange to borrow my friend's pick-up. And then find time to actually go and get the wood chips.

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