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A meal and no work

I got the call from work last night that I always like getting: don't come in to work. (Well, at least when I get to go back on Monday.) So I hopped off to the card club and proceeded to have an enjoyable, if losing time for the night.

This evening, I headed off to dinner with a bunch of LJers including minnehaha, daedala, eqe, alisgay, carbonel, and lee_os. And then over to chez Minnehaha for dessert, tea and conversation (which branched from geeking the dessert too much (it was very tasty, K, that's what's important) into variations of men's underwear to the differences in dress sizing over time and space).

Again with no work tonight, as is typical of my Sunday nights. I'll watch the end of the Twins game off TiVo later and see if we swept the White Sox, which would be cool.

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