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Less sore, dealing with anxious

My wrist/elbow/shoulder are feeling better tonight. So much so that it's a shame that there is little work to do. I've cranked out a 60-page document of revisions and am currently working on something that's not due until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow.

Ericka is unsurprisingly anxious about her procedure tomorrow. She's being medicated and hopefully will get some sleep tonight. I told her twice that if one is going in for surgery in the morning, "ER" is, perhaps, not the best choice of entertainment programming.

Have to stock up on goofball comedies on VHS for her to watch while recovering tomorrow. Oh, wait...abdominal area involved in the procedure; comedy might not be the best choice. Well, there's always the Lethal Weapon and Jackie Chan tapes, those will keep her occupied.

Me, I'm hoping to get out to Canterbury Park sometime this weekend. It's the opening weekend of racing and they are offering free admission to those that want to watch and/or bet on the races. For my purposes, this means and increase in people likely to give that poker thing a try. Such people tend to be more likely to give me money than to take it from me so I'd like to give them that opportunity.

All that, however, hinges on Ericka's procedure going well (which I'm sure it will) and her recovering from it well (which I'm less sure about but still think will be the case). I'm getting off of work early this morning in order to get her in to the hospital in a timely fashion. She's the second surgery slot for the day so there will be plenty of time for her to recoup in the hospital without having to be technically admitted if necessary.

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