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Slow and painful

The collected wisdom around the office is that world events, having depressed the stock market, mean our work load is slower as well.

I'm glad for the slower pace this week. My right wrist, elbow and shoulder are sore. The wrist is doing a carpal tunnel thing. The elbow and shoulder are strained as a result of the busted-ass chair I had for a couple of days this week.

So I've taken some naproxen sodium to try and get the swelling down and rubbed some arnica ointment on my wrist. Still sore, but I'll take it easy the next couple of days and let stuff heal.

All this means that I took the day off gardening. No weeding, digging or watering. We did get a nice little thunderstorm blowing through mid-day, so nothing will go thirsty.

Listened to the Twins beat the Mariners. Too bad Radke, our pitcher, couldn't finish out the game, but he went 8+ innings in a good outing. Will be interesting to see if the day game tomorrow is on TV.

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