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Still slow

Wow, another slow day at work. Haven't had many of these lately so two in a row is quite a novelty.

Did some more puttering on the prairie today. Weeded away on the southern prairie. Found some very well established rhizomatic grasses on one edge of things. Some of the rhizomes were almost as thick as dandelion roots and ran quite deep. I dug a DMZ trench between the prairie and the rest of the yard in an attempt to keep them at bay but may have to put a physical barrier down as well. Did run into loads of big, fat earthworms as I dug out the rhizomes, which I take as a good sign, just have to keep on top of the unwanted plant situation.

Tried out my friend doccross's vinegar idea on the dandelions and other broad-leafed weeds running rampant on the west side of my house. I'll give it a couple of days to have effect and see how it goes.

Also got my string trimmer out for the first time this season. Hacked big chunks of the lawn back into submission and started on doing some serious edging along the front sidewalk. I need to find a way to handle the tool that doesn't pain my shoulders and elbows, but it otherwise works as expected.

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