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Walkies and weedies

Every morning when I get home, I've been staying on top of gardening chores by getting my dog involved. She's getting a bit older, so going for an amble around the yard is a nice bit of exercise to start the day for her. While she's checking her pee mail, I pull weeds. She even gets in the act by munching on the taller bits of grass that line the various planting areas and have not yet been hacked down by anything else.

The nice thing is that this amount of upkeep is easy for me to do each morning. It's not too overwhelming that it seems like a chore. I like seeing the changes to come by day-by-day. I suspect those will slow down once the quick-growing plants like the daffodils and lilies are done with their spring show, but I hope there will be something to keep my interest most mornings.

If nothing else, I can always throw the ball for the dog. She loves that.

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